Pinhole Photography and More

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Success! I finally got the site up – OK for most bloggers that act is amazingly simple.  For me it’s a challenge.  Over the next few weeks more photos will be added and this will start to look like a site.  But for the moment I’m just pleased I’ve managed to get this far.

My emphasis is pinhole wilderness photography.  Amazingly I had another free site by that concentrated solely on that: Pinhole Wilderness Photography.

Pinhole Photography by Karen Edmundson Bean : Sun flare and Firs
Firs and Flare














Two years ago I got inspired by a photo-a-day site and created a site for a water photograph a week.

Water Splash: Photograph by Karen Edmundson Bean


These became hard to keep up at the height of bee season – I’m a the beekeeper at Brookfield Farm in Maple Falls, Washington.



In pursuit of a more formal presentation of my work, this site is being created.  Bear with me.  Photography and honeybees I can handle, website creation is a challenge.

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